Until You Can’t Get It Wrong

“You keep going until you get it right, then you keep going until you can’t get it wrong.” -Monica Aldama

If you haven’t heard of Monica Aldama, be sure to check out the terrific Netflix doc, Cheer.

Monica heads Navarro College’s competitive cheer squad. She is fierce and her desire for excellence burns bright. She’s largely responsible for transforming a small, unknown, Texas junior college into a perennial champion. A true underdog story.

Her quote reinforces why we rehearse a play. Often for a long period of time.

Yes, it might sound great at the first table read. Everyone feels confident and amazing! Often you’ll hear, “we could put this up right now.”

And that might be true.

But can you be amazing on opening night with the pressure of all your friends, loved ones, respected colleagues and critics in the house?

Can you be amazing in Week 3 of the run when the house is half full and you didn’t get a good night sleep the night before?

Can you be amazing when your emotional reservoir runs dry? When adrenaline is nowhere to be found? When you’re just not “feelin’ it”?

Can you be amazing when someone drops a line or another “happy accident” happens on stage?

Can you be amazing when the audience is checked out?

Yes, you can.

Because you rehearsed. Because you worked your butt off. Because you kept going until you couldn’t get it wrong.

2 thoughts on “Until You Can’t Get It Wrong

  1. I LOVED the documentary and Monica. I love anybody who has that level of passion and commitment.

    If you’ve ever auditioned or tried out for anything, you will immediately relate to “Cheer.” If you’ve ever been totally committed to an achievement, you will relate. And if you’ve ever REQUIRED the commitment of others, you will definitely relate.

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