The First Lesson

Tom Hanks Golden Globes speech should be required viewing for any artist. Especially actors. Two big takeaways…be on time and come prepared with strong choices.

Reminded me of a workshop I was in many years ago. Taught by a very famous, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. (Bonus points if you can guess who.)

It’s day one. Playwright’s on stage and thirty seconds in to the introduction…Door opens. (It’s in the back of the house.)

Enter an attendee/aspiring actor. Playwright stops, mid sentence. Addresses the person.

“You, there?”

“Me?”, the aspirant points to himself.

“Yes. You. Please don’t sit down. Turn around. Go back the way you came in. See the young ladies at the registration desk. They will give you a full refund on your tuition.”

The actor just stands there. Stunned. As are the rest of the two hundred-plus audience members.

Long, uncomfortable silence.

Finally, mercifully the playwright breaks it. “If you learn nothing else in this workshop, you will learn to be prompt. That’s the first lesson and the most important lesson I can teach you. Thank you. Good luck.”

Actor walks out. Workshop resumes.

2 thoughts on “The First Lesson

  1. My dad instilled in me the importance of being on time very early on as a kid. Whether it’s personal or professional, he told me to always be “that” person who never arrives late. The first impression is a lasting one. Thanks for sharing this lesson.

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