Meaningful Work Through…Chocolate?

Yep. That’s what Shawn Askinoise found. I highly encourage you to check out his book and his chocolate.

Shawn was a super successful defense attorney living in Springfield, Missouri. He loved his job. Then suddenly in his late forties, he didn’t. He prayed this simple, silent prayer, every day for for five years, “Dear God, please give me something else to do.”

Out of nowhere, with no prior experience or interest, he discovered he wanted to make chocolate. But not just any chocolate. World class, artisanal chocolate sourced exclusively through direct trade from farmers in the poorest countries.

As a result of following his heart, Shawn’s done incredible things…He built a family business. One that’s world class, highly ethical and radically transparent. He pays cacao farmers the highest wages in the industry. By far. He shares profits with them. Has helped them start their own businesses. He’s even started a “Chocolate University” that has trained, for free, thousands of underprivileged children, the principles of ethical business management and chocolate making.

He found the formula. Did meaningful work. Built meaningful community. And he’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life.

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