Two Gifts

When you decide to manifest your passion project–especially if it involves collaboration like producing a play or making a film or starting a business–you create the space for two sacred things to emerge. Meaningful Work. Meaningful Community. What wonderful gifts to give yourself and more importantly, to others!

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Lonely People

“You know what it’s like around here? I have watched television. I have seen Brochures. It is impossible to not All the Time be thinking about how other people have Lives, Jack. Other people talk to people. [There’s people out there that all they do is Talk to one another] and there’s me.” -from theContinue reading “Lonely People”

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What If They Hate It?

“Recognizing that people’s reactions don’t belong to you is the only sane way to create. If people enjoy what you’ve created, terrific. If people ignore what you’ve created, too bad. If people misunderstand what you’ve created, don’t sweat it. And what if people absolutely hate what you’ve created? What if people attack you with savageContinue reading “What If They Hate It?”

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Do It Anyway

“Sometimes, you just gotta say…what the f-ck.” -Joel Goodson, Risky Business Feeling scared about attempting something today? Wanting to take a leap, but fear holding you back? Take Ben Folds’ advice from the Ben Folds Five song “Do It Anyway”… You might put your love and trust on the lineIt’s risky, people love to tearContinue reading “Do It Anyway”

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You Are The Power Plant

“The Sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on.” -Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop Just like a power plant generates electricity, your job–especially when producing a passion project–is to bring energy to everything you do and everyone you interact with. You won’t find itContinue reading “You Are The Power Plant”

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Could, Not Should

There are no shortage of articles about someone’s process. How hard they worked. The steps they took. Their passion and unending dedication to the thing they wanted to create. These can be intimidating to say the least. Worse, they can cause us to shut down and never attempt the thing inside our head. (For example,Continue reading “Could, Not Should”

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Listening And Downloading

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” -Stephen R. Covey “Listening is about being present, not just about being quiet.” -Krista Tippett One of the great gifts you can give another artist or anyone who’s contemplating a project is to simply listen. Listen to themContinue reading “Listening And Downloading”